6 signs that indicate it’s time to leave your job


There are many reasons why you might want to quit your job, for example; better money, following your dreams, or career progression. Although for some of us, the time to leave and venture onto something new is quite obvious, for others the signs may need to be pointed out.

Below, we list 6 signs that indicate when to leave your job. If you’ve noticed a couple, or even all, of these signs for a while now, you should definitely consider taking the next step in your career.  


When your contributions are never taken on board – If you genuinely know that your opinions could have made an impact to the team or project and you are constantly being overlooked, you should probably move to a company where you could be more appreciated.


If you are uncomfortable with your team/company The people you work with obviously do not have to be your best friends but as you are surrounded with them most of the time you do have to feel comfortable. If you feel out of place within your team or even your company, it is a sign to move forward.


When you crave for more At times our jobs could be a little tedious, repetitive and a tad bit boring, that goes for any job; whether you’re a receptionist, microbiologist or management consultant. However, when you constantly feel unchallenged and underutilised, you most certainly need to think of moving ahead in order to grow your skills and broaden your experience.


There is no potential for career growth ­– This needs no further explanation, if there is not a potential for growth the question then is ‘Why are you still there?’


Your job does not align with your long term goals – A lot of us of take jobs that are not necessarily in the path of where we want to go in life but rather we’ve taken them for sustainability. No role however is useless because we can all gain from transferable skills. Whilst in that role however, continue to look for jobs that are in the path of where you would like to be in the long run and once you’ve found it take that step.


You are being bullied – This may seem like something that only happens in high school but workplace bullying happens all the time. Whether physically, or verbally, directly or indirectly, you should never be bullied at work. You interviewed for the job and was able to get it because you merited for it and should not be made to feel otherwise. If reporting the issue has not done anything, it’s time to take your experience and skills somewhere else.

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