May 16, 2015

About Us

What do you do?

Very simply our main objective, is to connect young Nigerian diasporan’s, and friends of the country, to one another and to opportunities around the world.

Along the way, we share the success stories of Nigerians in diaspora, give back to Nigeria, and educate our Community.





How do you do it?

Connecting you to one another – networking events, special requests, our connect portal

Connecting you to opportunities – through partnerships with organisations and good old fashioned search!





Why do you do it?

There are quite a few organisations for Nigerians in diaspora, however the majority of them are centred to an older generation (typically 40 years of age upwards) with very little focus or dedication being made to the younger generation (18 – 35 years of age).

That’s where NNC come in.

NNC is different, we’re a dedicated organisation run by young Nigerian professionals in diaspora for young Nigerian professionals in diaspora (friends of the country are welcomed to!). We’re at the stage you’re at too, paving a way in our careers so we know the support we require, the kind of opportunities we’re looking for and the hurdles we’re facing and therefore are in the best position to support each other (of course, with established mentors).





‘Something happens when two people from the same country, sharing the same heritage, meet and connect’. ~ COSTA RONIN



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