Celebrating Our Identity


October 1st always stands out amongst Nigerians. Of course!!! It’s our country’s Independence Day. However, for Nigerians in the Diaspora, the month of October is usually marked with various Independence Day events. From Independence Day parties, to cultural shows and parades, the month of October is indeed a fun filled month for many Nigerians in the Diaspora. These activities wherever they occur have one thing in common- they all CELEBRATE NIGERIA AND OUR IDENTITY AS NIGERIANS (Besides of course any reason to throw a party. Did I say that out loud? J)

Celebrating our identity is crucial, especially living in the Diaspora where identity can be lost easily being in the mix of other cultures. While these Independence Day parties and parades are great- we all come together as culture, and perhaps invite others to come know more about our culture, the real question is how do we celebrate our identity as Nigerians on a daily basis while living in the Diaspora? Are we proud of our names? The recent video of the world known actress Uzo Aduba highlighted the beauty in our original names while living in the Diaspora. Do we make the Nigerian culture part of our lives on a regular basis or is it relegated to only Independence Day celebrations? Do we support or promote causes back home?

There are lots of things AFRICAN, lots of things NIGERIAN being introduced across the Diaspora, many brought by us; Pop- UP shops that feature African clothes and fabrics, culinary events showcasing Nigerian food, food delivery services that bring Nigerian delicacies like chin-chin to your doorstep, hundreds of blogs on all things Nigeria. Recently the famous Anthony Bourdain visited Nigeria (Lagos) to experience our culture- eat the food, feel the energy, mix with the people. Let’s always celebrate who we are day-in and day-out. Happy Independence Month!!! Proudly Nigerian.


Author Bio Chineze Enwonwu is a dentist living in United States, with an interest in blogging.

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