Event review – The Start Ups for Africa: Tech Showcase


Diapora Tech Week. Image Credit: African Business Technology Network and Do it Now Now


The Start Ups for Africa: Tech Showcase, the last of a series for events for Diaspora in Tech Week, took place Friday 21st October 2016 to a well-attended crowd, enthusiastic for the African Tech space. The event was a collaboration of the Do it Now Now Community and African Business Technology Network, showcasing various tech start-ups that are using their work for the betterment of people living in Africa.

Consultants, Tech geniuses, potential investors and curious minds were present at the well-attended event, that took place at the Google Campus, London. The night featured a great bank of speakers discussing what their company does, what they aim to achieve and how they currently make an impact to Africa.

First up was AID:Tech, a computer software company that uses technology to provide transparency on how resources are distributed to charities, NGOs and Governments in order to reduce fraud and to ensure such resources are actually distributed to those in need as intended.

Eunice Baguma Ball, Founder of the Africa Technology Business Network, spoke about how to leverage the diaspora as investors in Africa and how her network drives entrepreneurial training and technology advancement in Africa.

Opportunities for the diaspora to invest back in Africa was covered by Homestrings, a web-based funding service founded based on personal experience on the limitations on the available investment opportunities for people in diaspora to invest back home.

The audience were given a taste on how new start-up KAWREE were promoting African creativeness for a global audience through three sectors; beauty, fashion and design objects through a unique online portal, which allows the companies on the website to expose their brands, drive traffic and simplify payments at an affordable rate and in a unique fashion.

Last up were 4 young bright Engineers, from IRIS.Drone technologies,  which looks into how drones can be integrated into healthcare systems to improve healthcare infrastructure in remote communities. The company is currently finalizing a prototype for a product which houses the human products that the drones transport, for which pilot studies will be conducted for in the near future.

It was a great evening seeing many young people come together with the same passion; to develop and transform Africa through Technology. Africa will rise, and the diaspora are burning with a passion to make that happen.


Keji Peters 

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