Former Cleaner Creates Healthy Food Range Stocked in Selfridges


Image credit: Gym Bites

Against all odds British-Nigerian Alexis Oladipo, turned her life around from being a Cleaner to having her healthy food range, ‘Gym Bites‘, being shelved in Selfridges.


After completing a degree in Media and Culture from Roehampton University, Alexis was unable to obtain a job and fell into depression. Through her depression, Alexis was able to find a light at the end of the tunnel which came as result of visiting the gym. Unable to find a healthy option to eat she  created found ‘Gym Bites’; freshly made salads packaged in glass jars.



Image credit: Gym Bites


With a love of cooking and the realisation of the lack of healthy foods at gyms, Alexis made a product which aims to help people struggling to uphold a healthy diet, which she was able to create through a contribution from a charity organisation and learning the trade of the business by attending business seminars and workshops. 2015 saw the launch of the salads which come in three different varieties; ‘Green Supreme Broccoli Salad’, ‘Pack-A-Protein Chicken Salad’ and ‘Oh-Mega! Prawn Salad’ and six months later, Gym Bites began to be stocked in Selfridges.


Congratulations  to Alexis, another Nigerian making us proud in Diaspora!


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