Making The Most of It

Making the most


You do not gain satisfaction from your job; welcome to the life of many.


Before currently working at my present company (one that I had only dreamed about) I worked as a retail assistant and had a university job – roles I truly despised at the time. I would go in grumpy and come out feeling depressed. Depressed that I was doing jobs I was obviously over qualified for, that did not stimulate me and for which the pay only covered food and travel.


Looking back now, I wish I didn’t complain as much in these roles. I should not have viewed the glass as half empty, but rather as almost full. I should have been more optimistic, rather than looking at everything negatively, as if life was against me. In those seemingly horrible, ‘belittling’ jobs I learnt a lot of skills and knowledge which actually set me up for where I am today. Take the retail job for example; I learnt how to meet sale goals, how to work with different people (most especially those who are not so easy to work with), I gained confidence and also learnt how to network (you’d be surprised the great connections you can make as a sales assistant!) I learnt all of these whilst I was there but did not realise these skills whilst in those roles; only until a few years later. These are skills that are not only valuable in my current role but also will be useful should I wish to venture into anything else.


You may not like where you currently are, but learn to make the most of it. Try not to be discouraged and stop looking at everything negatively. Evaluate your current situation and look at what you are actually gaining despite things not looking like they are making a turn for what you had planned. Honour where you are at the present moment.


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