Nigerian doctors abroad list conditions to return back home


Nigerian doctors


The President of the Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas, Nkem Chukwumeije, stated in a recent courtesy visit to the Senate Committee on Health in Abuja that many Nigerian doctors abroad were more than willing to move back home however the major barriers to doing so were the ineffective medical health care system, poor remuneration and the lack of low interest loans for those who wanted to set-up medical facilities in the country.


”The major barrier preventing the relocation of medical doctors back to Nigeria is incentive. Every human character and behavior are linked to incentives. Some of the incentives to get back the medical doctors abroad to Nigeria are not in place. Most of us here love our country and our hearts are in Nigeria but we just have to be physically at another country but we are very passionate about improving thr healthcare system here but the incentives especially finance, remuneration sends people out and force them to remain abroad.”


“Another thing is lack of proper equipment to work with. Most people abroad honestly want to come back but to physically relocate, we will need the right financial incentives. The Federal Government should provide low interest loans for healthcare, so that medical practitioners abroad could bring their money and have access to low interest loans. Majority of our people wanted to come back home but they cannot finance the relocation process and the cost of setting up modern medical facilities in Nigeria.”


The Chariman of the Committe, Senator Lanre Tejuosho acknowledged the issues and stated that the Federal Government were comiited on addressing them.


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