Nigerian Footballer helping Afghanistan youths in Sweden

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Perpetua Nkwocha is a female footballer well known in diaspora. Football has taken her across the globe from Nigeria to countries including China and Sweden where she has been living for more than seven years. She is an African Champion and has received the African Women’s Footballer of the Year 2004 – 2005 and 2010 – 2011. 


Perpetua maintains her position as a player and coach at Clemensnas IF, which is a local Swedish club, although this winter she has spent her free time coaching teenagers who have migrated from Afghanistan, aspiring to be footballers, over the last couple of months, a project that is a result as a collaboration with the Swedish church, Clemensnas IF and local football association.The project is proposed to begin again in May 2016, which is the beginning of a new football season.


 She understands how it is to be in a different country in the aim to seek greener pastures and therefore is able to relate to the youths she coaches who are happy with her and how she is helping them. Her help with running the project with the youths,  is simply invaluable. It is amazing that she is able to use her skills and achievements to aspire others. 


 Keep up the good work Perpetua!


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