Nigerian Federal Government to Release $300 million Diaspora Bond in March 2017

Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun 

Nigerian Finance Minister , Kemi Adeosun, announced the release of a $300 million Diaspora Bond, by March 2017, which was approved by the National Assembly.

Speaking on the Bond, Mrs Adeosun stated:

“The diaspora bond which the National assembly has been approved where Nigerian in the diaspora who wants to invest can key into, we are hoping that by March the diaspora bond will be rolled out.

“Beyond that of course, the investment opportunities in Nigeria are very huge, a lot of diasporans who are interested in investing at home are encouraged to do so.

“Government is putting in place a lot of incentives, such as infrastructures; and also creating conducive environment for them to thrive. We are encouraging them to come back home and join the trend.”

The diaspora bond will provide an opportunity for patriatric Nigerians living abroad to invest in the country and to supplement the Nigerian budget.



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