SkillsTransfer: NNC X LAIT Foundation


We are  proud to announce our partnership with the Learning As I Teach (LAIT) Foundation through our Skills Transfer initiative.
The LAIT Foundation is a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to improving access to quality professional and personal development for teachers across Nigeria, for the ultimate goal of ensuring quality education across Nigeria.
Through Skills Transfer, those in diaspora can share their knowledge and skills to the teachers of the LAIT Foundation, being a part an ultimate goal of providing quality education in Nigeria.
Are you in the diaspora and would like to contribute your expertise to teachers in Nigeria? Provide your skills and knowledge to teachers in Nigeria, helping whilst aiding empowerment for the teachers of the Foundation.

The transfer of skills will be made in the form of virtual returns in which diasporan’s will hold a virtual class with the teachers, across a range of topics including:

  • Personal branding
  • Core IT skills
  • Digital security and safety
  • Effective communication
  • Google Classroom
  • Emotional Intelligence


It is acceptable for candidates to raise topics that are listed above with approval from the Nigerian Networking Community and LAIT Foundation as long as they correspond to the needs of the teachers.




  • Candidates must have experience and/or expertise in your interested area of teaching
  • Candidates must live in diaspora
  • Candidates must have stable internet connection and the ability to make use of SKYPE or web conference system through which the classes will be held.




  • Complete form
  • Selected candidates will be sent a reply within 2 weeks of their application



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