Reflections on the Back to School Season


Reflections on the ‘back-to-school’ season

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON!!! As summer comes to an end, educational institutions are preparing for the start of yet another academic year. Some of us may be going back to school ourselves (part time or full time), some are sending kids back to school, while some may be juggling both school and work  or even all 3- school, work and kids. Perhaps some of us are just working, with no school or kids obligation.

Yet there’s a buzz that seems to surround us all at this particular time of the year. Perhaps it’s the relentless ads on TV and in the stores about back-to-school deals, the sights of more activity on the roads in the morning on the way to work or kids excitement about seeing all their friends again. Perhaps it could also be due to the change in season at this time of the year- change in the weather, new clothes in the stores, new styles etc. There’s also a sense of a fresh start that comes with this time of the year- start of a new school year and classes, an opportunity to plan the next coming 8-10 months, new goals, opportunity to learn new things and build new friendships and the likes.

While students, scholars, school children can relate to these very well and sometimes relish in this time of the year, other non-scholars including working individuals can also relish in this time of the year as well. This is a good time to do some reflection. How did you spend your summer? Did you take time to slow down a bit and enjoy the warm weather and fun activities? Did you make out time to spend with family and friends, or did you spend the whole summer working? Did you spend wisely or you took many lavish trips? It also tends to be a time to look forward too. What changes can you make to your daily routine to be more effective and productive? What new things can you try to add some excitement in your life? Perhaps you can update your workout routine?

As school teachers may look with excitement to setting up a new classroom, consider your own reading table (or work station) at home. Perhaps it could use some new décor, some inspiring art that can be motivational while working at home. What new things would you like to learn? Perhaps you can sign up for a class online or community college. Have you always wanted to be an event planner? This could be the time to sign up for a class for it. For working individuals, perhaps you can take a certification class that can help you be more valuable at work.  With the change in weather, you could refresh your wardrobe. This time of the year also marks the last financial quarter of the year. Perhaps you can use this time to review your personal financial goals- savings goals, debt-repayment goals, budgeting for the holidays.

So my friends, back-to-school season is not only for children and students. Let the buzz of the new school season stir up some inspiration in you as well!

Author Bio Chineze Enwonwu is a dentist living in United States, with an interest in blogging.

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