Skills Transfer: NNC X TechHerNg


The Nigerian Networking Community has partnered with TechHerNg to give young Nigerian professionals in diaspora an opportunity to give back home through our Skill Transfer Program #GivingBackHome.

TechHerNigeria is a social enterprise hinged on learning, support and collaboration for women working with technology. Set up to demystify technology, it is also a platform for encouraging enhanced entrepreneurship and the provision of background support for women using technology as the core of their functions or as an enabler.

The enterprise provides a platform for information sharing amongst women on day-to-day challenges with the aim of aiding empowerment and independence. TechHer believes that if women are exposed to the ways technology enables their daily activities, they will be more productive and empowered to have a voice in their community. More importantly, catering to this demographic secures the future for the next generation and their use of technology.

The Nigerian Networking Community is providing young Nigerians professionals in diaspora an opportunity to provide their skills and knowledge to the women in TechHer’s organisation, whilst aiding empowerment and independence for the women.

The transfer of skills will be made in the form of virtual returns in which diasporan’s will hold a virtual class with the women that are part of the TechHer program, on one of the following topics:


  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Security and Safety
  • Business Development
  • Core IT skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Management


Additional topics could be be added based on the  information needs of  recipients of the TechHerNg classes. Candidates can raise topics that are listed above with approval from the Nigerian Networking Community and TechHerNg.


  • Candidates must have experience and/or expertise in their interested area of teaching
  • Candidates must live in diaspora
  • TechHerNg classes are held on Thursdays (evening), Fridays (evenings) and Saturdays (morning); candidates must be available during one of these days to hold their class
  • Candidates must have stable internet connection and the ablity to make use of SKYPE through which the classes will be held.



  • Application form
  • Selected candidates will be sent an email of acceptance withing 2 weeks of their application


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