Start Something or Slow Down

‘Learn a new language’
‘Start a business’
‘Learn a new skill’
‘Improve yourself’

During this lock-down period due to Covid-19, we’ve been encouraged via various platforms to look inwards and use the period to read, write, learn and stay active. As worrisome as the times may be, we’ll never have this time again so we should most certainly make sure to be productive and effective.

However, it’s also ok if you just want to take this time to just chill. It’s ok if you choose to take it a bit slow. We’re constantly in a race; running to achieve something by a certain time of the day, day of the week, year or age. Sometimes it actually will do us some good to just slow down, be still and reset.

So whether you’re going to use this period to do something new or just keep slow and take it all in, don’t feel bad about it.

Live what’s right for you at this moment.

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