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TechHer Ng Have are currently working with a group which supports women and kids against cyberabuse for which they are currently looking for professionals  to provide their skills and knowledge to group on the topic through classes.


Applicant requirements

  • Knowledge in one or all of the following areas; cybersafety for kids, e-parenting and mental health
  • Teaching experience (although not a prerequisite)


About TechHer



TechHerNigeria is a social enterprise hinged on learning, support and collaboration for women working with technology. Set up to demystify technology, it is also a platform for encouraging enhanced entrepreneurship and the provision of background support for women using technology as the core of their functions or as an enabler.

The enterprise provides a platform for information sharing amongst women on day-to-day challenges with the aim of aiding empowerment and independence. TechHer believes that if women are exposed to the ways technology enables their daily activities, they will be more productive and empowered to have a voice in their community. 



– N/A – opportunity will be closed once an appropiate candidate has been selected



Send an email to with ‘TechHer – Cyberabuse’ in the subject line, stating your interest, experience and preferable methods of contact. 



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