The Juggling Act – How to create the right balance



Doing a 9 to 5, learning a language, setting up the charity you’ve always dreamed of, spending time with family and friends – sometimes life just seems to be a juggling act!

We all want to squeeze the most out of life; live our lives to the fullest, fulfilling everything we’ve ever dreamed of, but sometimes there never seems to be enough time to do it all. As a result of that ever ticking clock, some of us drop a thing or two; forget about that business we once visualised and not pursue that class we’ve always wanted to do. Whilst others try and do it all which actually becomes detrimental; friendships suffer, family time becomes few and behind and work never receives our full commitment.


Although seemingly impossible, it’s all about creating the right balance:


  • Put aside time for everything you do. When you do so, stay committed to what you’re doing at that time. You cannot do everything all at once and if you want to be able to do the various things you have in mind, you have to set aside time for each one. Sometimes they are all inevitably intertwined, but when they are not, create and keep that separation.


  • Learn to delegate. If successful global companies outsource their services why must you do everything? Delegating tasks could help you focus on the bigger picture and responsibilities that specifically require your attention.


  • Don’t waste the time you do have. If you know you want to be involved in it all, don’t waste time on things that are not making a contribution. We obviously need to switch off from it all at times, but if you’re constantly just making plans on making plans, constantly doing things that are not making an impact, then you will not get anywhere.


This is obviously all easier said than done but trying to implement these tips daily into your life could allow you to accomplish more than you actually thought you could. 

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