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Happy New Year everyone!!! YES. It’s still that time of the year: Happy New Year!! Happy 2018!! New Year, New You comments. Many people are still putting together plans for the upcoming year, setting new goals and new intentions for the year. One of the practices I’ve gotten into recently is the use of vision boards to help me solidify my goals and intentions, either for a particular area in my life or a particular time period. While I’ve used vision boards in the past, this year I made one specifically for the New Year 2018.

A vision board is simply a collage of words and images that represent your thoughts, goals, dreams and hopes for your life (or a part of your life). It is a motivational tool to help one in achieving one’s goals, be it short term or long term.

While these have been around for a while now, the idea of vision boards have made a great come-back in the recent times, and in various styles and forms, with vision board parties becoming very popular, especially around this time of the year (sometimes at the end of the year). And the end product- the vision board – can be used as a form of art!!

I personally started utilizing vision boards about 2 years ago, when I made my very first vision board, which encompassed long term goals; life goals. I found it very useful not only in becoming more clear on some life goals, but becoming more motivated to achieve them, as well as changing my thinking patterns for the better (i.e. shift from negative to more positive). Personally, I feel like that power/effectiveness of a vision board lie in the process that leads to creating the actual vision board and the specificity of the goals/intentions. This process includes taking time to reflect on what you want the board to be about (i.e. a career vision board, 2018 vision board), the goals you wish to accomplish, the steps that need to be taken to achieve them and the changes that need to be made, if any, to accomplish those goals.

This past holiday season, I hosted my very first annual vision board party (with brunch). My guests were mostly relatives and a few friends, and the boards we created were for 2018 goals and intentions. Not only was it fun with lots of good food and drinks, but it was a motivating/inspiring process for all of the attendees. Lots of positive vibes, lots of sharing and some networking, starting the New Year with loads of motivation. I encourage you to make one. Dream BIG, dream BOLD, and GET TO WORK. I pray you have a blessed and wildly successful 2018!!!


Author Bio: Chineze Enwonwu is a dentist living in United States, with an interest in blogging.

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